Premier League Players to Negotiate Salary Cut

Coronavirus pandemic has changed the norm in people’s life all over the world. After the outbreak in the European countries and the UK by the end of February, everything has changed, especially in the Premier League. In order to flatten the curve of the virus, any public events and social activities have to be stopped to slow down the virus. This hits the people who work in this sector hard. Some clubs in the Premier Leagues started to furlough the non-playing staff and they will receive 80% of the complete salary. However, this has become a hot debate as this is not a right thing to do.

Liverpool has become the fifth club that started to furlough its staffs and immediately after so many critics from players and former players, Liverpool decided to reverse the decision. This is quite complicated for sure and it is understandable that players and staffs will find this very difficult. The negative part of salary cutting also affects the government and NHS because then the tax will not be paid in full. This is also not a good thing for the government. The 30% salary cut was proposed by the league whose objective is to protect employment throughout the professional game. In reaction to that proposal scheme, the government stated that they will lose tax contribution for more than £200M.

The Premier League also offers £125M to the EFL and National League and £20M to the NHS. On the other hand, players have different points of view. The salary cut will not only affect them but also helps the billionaire owners to save money. The players are more likely to do a charitable event to donate their money for the NHS and others who are in need. Giving the portion of their salary is not the matter for the players, the scheme of what the league is doing is what they are not happy about. 

In this case, players and clubs will discuss it and reach the mutual agreement. Some players spoke out about this such as Wayne Rooney. He stated that players are in “no-win situations” and Taylor also agreed about this. It is unfair that the Secretary of the State singled out the footballers. Footballers are not self employed and they pay tax and also contribute. Players are said to step up to speak with their clubs amid this situation. 

While in Europe, big clubs such as Atletico Madrid and Barcelona have taken 70% pay cuts. The players and manager of Juventus agreed to freeze their salary for 4 months. Italy’s Serie A suggested the players of 19 clubs, except Juventus, to accept a 33% pay cut if the season unfortunately will not finish. 

These are hard for everybody for sure, but the player’s wary is real and this has things to do with humanity. In this period of time, it is important to use every cent for the NHS. This is why the players will discuss with their club to reach the best solution.

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